Mark ‘Occy’ Occhilupo Re-signs with Globe Footwear
2:48 pm Sep 22, 2009


Globe is stoked to re-sign the Raging Bull, Mark ‘Occy’ Occhilupo. Occy, as he is affectionately known around the world, is one of the greatest surfers of all-time. He’s a Pipe Masters winner, an Op Pro winner, a former World Champ, a maniacal free-surfer as we’ll as the victor in countless contests over 25 years, but he is an inspiration to surfers everywhere as the come back king—having gone from the youngest surfer at the top of the sport to dropping off the tour at just 22 years old, then returning to beat the odds and win his first world title at age 33, the oldest winner ever at that time in 1999.

“Globe is an Occy lifer and Occy’s a globe lifer,” says Steve Hill, Globe’s Co-Founder. “From the moment we were fortunate enough to have Occy join the team, we were stoked and we still are. The way he has and continues to surf amazes us and we are honored to be part of Mark’s personal/surfing journey.

Aspects of Occy…The journey continues…”

Occy says, “Over the years, I’ve felt like I’ve been fortunate to have a family of supporters who have stuck by me in the good times and challenging times. I believe in loyalty and I’ve been with Globe footwear for twelve years so when the opportunity came up to look at a new contract, I wanted to make it happen. It wouldn’t feel right wearing any other shoes!

My son, Jay, loves the skate shoes and is as good a skater as a little grommet surfer, so he’s always decked out in the latest gear. It’s so cool to watch him skating around the front yard—he’s got all the tricks.

I am really looking forward to developing new styles in footwear with Globe over the next couple of years. I may be retired from the professional circuit, but I’m certainly not just sitting at home waiting for the swell to hit.”

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