Lyon EUnited Tour Updates
3:21 pm Oct 7, 2009

Last night: We arrived from london and travelled to the countryside to the middle of mountains. Three chefs, two bands, eager people and a miniramp awaiting. Thanks to the ditch, the locals, brand new hate, the cows, french bread and coffee from bowls and cliche for the van.
In lyon having a few drinks on the river after a loooong day. Its been mad. We woke up in that country house with an in-house miniramp. Drove to a demo that was PACKED. I’m talking of thousand people here. So hot next to the mountains. Ryan, eero, chris and philipp KILLED it while we were holding tables from collapsing while rodney was signing. Rodney had a cool quiet session after the show to get “some breeze on his face”. We stopped at grenoble to have a nice meal next to a river as the sun was going down. Oh so fokking romantic.
Tomorrow a quick ses on the streets of lyon and then off to madrid for more madness. People are freaking out!


Almost a UBF black van.democrolles

Demo Crolles 1


Demo Crolles 2


French basecamp with lucky locals


Frenchbread for the guyshomemadepizzacookedinthefire

JHomemade pizza cooked in the fire.


Mini ramp in the houseprivateconcertinthemountains

Private concert in the mountains


Product tossrodneybeingsooopatient

Rodney being soooo patient


Rodney enjoying the French sunrodneytastingfrenchcuisine‘Rodney tasting French cusinestreetareacrollesdemo

Street area crolles demo

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