Madrid EUnited Tour Updates
3:25 pm Oct 7, 2009

Past two days Ryan’s been on fire straight from the breakfast. Lyon saw a few bangers in a blink of an eye while Rodney and chris skated the famous hotel de ville plaza.
This morning we woke up in madrid for more of the same. Decenzo in flames. Rodney rollin the streets and loving it.

Signing about to kick off in the awesome Welcome shop. Hundreds of kids kids

Then for a lil demo at la plaza de hortaleza. And off for a MASSIVE dinner.

The guys have all been really superb.

Welcome Shop got RAMMED. Kids are losing their minds here.
As we arrived to the demo plaza it was like a bullring. We spend a bit over an hour there before the sun set on the screaming crowd.

At the moment the dudes are skating the streets on a chill mode. This doesn’t mean Ryan and co. wouldn’t find something to destroy,

Yesterday morning was a joke as soon as Decenzo got his hands on an awesome hubba. Astur, the local photographer just shook his head in disbelief. Handful of tries Six tricks in the bag. Morning shift done.

One more day of madness in Spain. A bbq session tonight 30min outside of Madrid at the skatepark of Torrejon @6PM.

Tomorrow to Berlin.
Hasta Luego.

Here is a link to the madrid madness that is the EU tour Spanish leg.

Arrival at Welcome Shop


Demo Madrid center 1


Demo Madrid center 2insidetheshop

Inside the shopqueuingforautographs

Queuing for autographssigningagain

Signing again

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