10:29 pm Nov 11, 2009

In continuing with our ongoing Puzzle Series as part the Limited Special Projects we produce, this time we asked the skaters what they wanted for their next Limited Model and we got back different answers from each of the guys. Well, each of these featured riders has a distinct style and personality and thus the new Puzzle Series has four completely different models in it.

DAVID GONZALEZ skates our popular Hi-Top, the Superfly, so he picked out the best Action Leather, Patent Leather and Shiny Snake Skin Leather for his vulcanized Superfly Puzzle and added the Fire Red touch. RODNEY MULLEN skates the Rage and has chosen a combination of Full Grain Leather, Pig Suede and Genuine Nubuck Leather for the ultimate in skate materials.

JAKE DUNCOMBE loves the simple cleanliness of our Motley and we created a Wing Tip Brogue version for him with a black Full Grain leather and Double-Duty Lite Leather (This leather is high quality and durable and the LITE tanning process reduces the impact on our planet).

MARK APPLEYARD skates the Encore when he isn’t skating his own pro model, the Vagrant. He chose to use a high-end perforated Full Grain White snake embossed pearl action leather on this special edition of the Encore.

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