9:24 pm Dec 14, 2009


Is Fate Final?

Many posed the question: Do we have the ability to change Fate?

Perhaps the better question to ask is, is fate the end of change–or is it just the beginning? The BLACK VAN (or Fate itself, as some have hazarded) takes to the streets again closing in on the would-be finale of Globe’s epic UNITED BY FATE series. And the road the VAN steered down this time lead us to an abandoned warehouse, whose whereabouts are still unclear.

Well, it all came down to this: The KIDS were in control. DAVID GONZALEZ and RYAN DECENZO took the BLACK VAN for a ride, and then the VAN returned the favor. Find out where Fate takes them as MARK APPLEYARD, JAKE DUNCOMBE, CHRIS HASLAM and the rest of the GLOBE TEAM find SKATE HEAVEN (OR HELL?) in the finale (?) of UNITED BY FATE.

As a follow-up to the first 5 episodes, including DECENZO’s groundbreaking episode 5 part, this release has been a long time in the making and features the entire Globe team in a unique and crazy setting, unlike anything before it. But the question remains: Is Fate final?

The following is a collection of images of what we managed to capture while the VAN patiently waited outside and the team united themselves, once again, under the punctured roofs and graffitied walls. Is this where the UNITED BY FATE book closes for good, or is this a doorway into something even bigger? You decide.

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