globe’s new surf site is live!!!
10:55 am Feb 26, 2010


This site will be surf team driven and focused. And all product featured on this site will be hand-selected especially for our core consumer. It’ll be the product that the surf and skate teams are actually wearing and endorsing. You can get to the surf site from  or go directly to

We will be updating the site frequently with relevant updates specific to our surf team, brand initiatives, and other imperative news for the surf lifestyle. The site is launching with the GLOBE TEST VIDEO ONE: 600FPS, first! We will be following up with new team video bios every other week, so be sure to check in and see what’s good.

You will also notice a blog and other features that will be constantly updated by team managers, as well as other guest contributors, such  as Surfing Mag and STAB Mag’s, Chas Smith, whose wits are much more than just an entertaining read… Go check it out!

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