9:54 pm Mar 30, 2010

Style and accountability have never looked so good!!!

‘Lite Leather’ means our products have used a low emissions and less polluting manufacturing process through the reduction in power usage and the recycling of water and heat to achieve a much more globally sound approach to being environmentally conscious, beyond just using: Chromium-Free leather
Water Based PU Cements
Recycled PET Toe Post
Recycled PET Thread
5% Recycled Car Tire Rubber Outsole
Partially Recycled EVA and Cork Midsole
Product Story:

THE SURFRIDER is Globe’s Co-Op with the Surfrider Foundation. Thanks to the Surfrider Foundation, beaches across the planet have been saved, one at a time. In support of their tireless efforts to keep us all surfing in clean water, at beautiful beaches, on quality waves and without limit, Globe pledges to donate 50% of the profits of this sandal back to the Surfrider Foundation. Surfing is our privilege. Surfrider is preserving it, everyday. The Surfrider is Globe’s most eco-friendly sandal to date, using ‘Lite Leather’, water based PU cements, recycled PET thread, recycled EVA and recycled car tires into the material story. Do your part and enjoy a pair today.
Support the Surfrider Foundation:

$10.00 will be donated to Surfrider from the first 1000 pairs sold. So, if you’re in need of some new sandals, there is no better way to get styled out and help the cause without shelling out much coin… Enjoy!

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