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When we hit up Damien Hobgood for an interview request prior to Bells, we expected to hear back with the standard quotes like “Bells is a great event filled with traditon”, or “I always love going there to meet the hardcore Australian fans”. But Damien wanted to tackle head-on the process of selecting his Fantasy Surfer team.

Below are some of the nuggets that we pried away from him:

On how his team did at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast:

“Scored 726 at Quik pro, team looks like” (see below)

When asked about selecting himself for his own team:

“That is a funny one because I usually do pick myself because I feel like if I don’t believe in myself who will and I get to blame myself if I don’t do good.”

On the topic of goofy-foots at Bells:

“Bells I think is way more backside friendly and don’t feel there is an advantage backhand or forehand there, but Winki peels away from you and there is a lot of catching up to sections and is pretty weak so if it’s there would probably stick to the regular footers”

On the topic of how well he does playing Fantasy Surfer:

“About this Fantasy Surfer thing – Ithink I know too much info, and that is why I usually don’t do too well. For example, I will see a guy not surfing to well in the free surf, so I will take him off my team. Then he goes out in his heat, pulls out the magic board, and blows up.”

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