10:13 am Apr 5, 2010

Omar Etcheverry is no stranger to the surf industry.  After being on the WQS for 10 yrs he had a change in interests and is now pursuing other endeavors but that does not stop him from surfing and being part of the industry!  Get a cup of coffee, relax, and read up on Mr. Etcheverry.

NCS: What is your name, age, and where are you from?
OE: Omar Etcheverry, 32 yrs, from Santa Cruz, CA
NCS: How long have you been surfing and how did you get into it?
OE: Started surfing at age 11. My brother got me into it when my family moved to Pleasure Point. We moved to Pleasure Point when I was about 10. I was born in Aptos, but never really went to the beach. I love to skateboard when I lived in Aptos in my grom years. Once I started surfing I was hooked! All I wanted to do was surf and that’s all I did. Living at Pleasure Point was awesome! I could get at least 4 hours a day in the water. All the boys hung at my house too. It was the surf hang out. Including such pros at Homer Henard & Kieran Horn. They were my two best surfing friends when I grew up at Pleasure Point. It was rad!
NCS: What is a typical day for you?
OE: Well, it has changed a lot in the last two years. Two years ago Rusty gave me an insane deal to be a Rusty sales rep, a nor cal marketing ambassador, and team rider. Now days it’s surf/play hard and work hard. I also started an Entertainment company together called Ruse Entertainment with a friend of mine named Chris Killen. He videos & edits and I log, surf, and organize video sessions with my friends when the waves are good. Now days a typical day for me would be, wake up run to my computer to check the surf and if it’s good I will organize a video shoot for Ruse with my friends and surf, but if it’s flat it’s all business; office work, conference calls account maintenance, you name it. I also DJ once a month at a cool local club called Motiv. Yeah, I know sounds crazy! The truth is that you can do it all, but you have to really want it. I’ve worked my ass off to make my jobs coincide with my friends and what I love to do. I think that’s the key to life!
NCS: Wow, you keep yourself pretty busy for sure… I recall seeing you on a show in which you were interviewing Kelly Slater.  What show was that?
OE: It’s called The Extreme Scene. It’s the longest running extreme sports radio show in the US. KNBR carried it for 6 years and recently we had to part ways. Both parties didn’t feel that the relationship was a good fit. They’re too old. haha! Cyrus Saataz (extreme sport writer and radio voice) created the show with long time friend Steve Blankenship. The show is hilarious. We try to call it the way it is. It has given me the chance to interview some of the biggest names in extreme sport like; Kelly Slater, Danny Way, P-Rod, Carey Hart, Ben Harper, The Rock, Marissa Miller, and many more. Now days you can hear us and read our contact in a bigger and better way at
NCS: The crowd at Pleasure Point has definitely thickened over the years… how do you deal with the crowds?  Does it get to you or do you just let it go?
OE: Yeah, it has gotten bad. I just go surf. That’s the best way to deal with crowds these days. If someone gets in the way or comes close to harming someone in the line up I tell them in a some what kind way what they’re doing wrong and that they should go move down the point to a beginners spot. As we say in the Pleasure Point line up, I only see my friends and those who surf good.
NCS: What countries have you traveled to and which is your favorite?
OE: I’ve been a lot of places in my surf career. I was on the WQS for 10 years. I was also was a member of the US team as a grom, so wow, let me see here: France, Spain, Portugal, England, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, South Africa, and Japan. Aaaaaah, I think that’s it. I would say France has the best beach breaks in the world, Indo has the best waves in the world, Mexico had the best sand points in the world, and Santa Cruz has the best waves in the U.S.
NCS: What songs play most on your ipod?
OE: Right now it’s Rise by the Japanese Pop Stars.
NCS: Of all the people that you interviewed on… who were you most stoked on meeting?
OE: Ben Harper! We got to meet him and interview him after a rad concerts at the Greek after him and Damian Marley had an insane show together. He was such a nice person. He totally respects and remembers everyone. His music and passion for life really impresses me. What a cool cat!
NCS: After 10 years of being on the WQS, did you get to a point of feeling burnt out?
OE: Yeah, for sure! I remember when I was really over it vividly. I had made the money round at the Haleiwa event in Hawaii at the end of having a decent year and when I looked at the WQS ratings I was 113. I was like wow! My sponsors must of spent at least 25k for me to do the tour and I made heats all over the world and I was 113! I was really over it! That and my focus was totally been drifting to other fun avenues. I like to be in the media and DJ.
NCS: Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?
OE: Really Happy!
NCS: If you could change something in the surf industry… what would it be?
OE: The distribution of Money. Like most American industries is really top heavy!
NCS: Is there anyone that you would like to thank?
OE: My Mom, Dad, Brother, Wife, and the rest of my family. With out them I could of never had made it this far!

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