Santa Catarina Pro Brazil…
5:22 pm Apr 20, 2010

“Shake it up, oo-oo, shake it up, yeah.”—The Cars
Progressive judging criteria, the calculus that is the fresh ASP World Ranking system—these are not the only current transformations the ASP has instituted to push competitive surfing into this modern era. A change of schedule accompanies.
CJ won earlier this year in Brazil at the 6*, can he repeat that success? Photo courtesy ASP/Cestari
Typically after the first two legs of Australia, the Dream Tourians are granted the gift of heading to one of the last natural paradises on this earth, Tahiti. Not so this year. Instead they are booking tickets to the least popular stop, Brazil. It’s late Fall in Brazil (no g-strings or bronzing buns on the beach) and an average beachbreak in Santa Catarina is the venue. To add to the less than stellar location, the pressure is on the pros—after Brazil there will only be two more contests until the top 45 will be trimmed down to 32.
With beachbreak to offer, Brazil is really anyone’s game. Adriano de Souza is surely a favorite. He is a hero to his people, and their greatest hope for a World Title. He was narrowly defeated in front of all of Brazil last year by the likes of Kelly Slater. But the progressive judging benefits the erratic surfing of De Souza.

In 2009 Adriano was denied the storybook victory in his native country by Kelly. Photo courtesy ASP/Cestari
Mick, Kelly, Bede, Taj, CJ, they’ve all had success in Brazil. They can take flight from ramps with the likes of the younger ones on Tour—Dane, Jordy, Pat Gudang, Dusty, Owen. And don’t forget about Bobby Martinez’s Parko-thwarting punt at Bells, err Johanna—surely the cleanest air of the entire event.
So shake it up ASP, shake it up! Make your red-headed step-child of a contest exciting for all the world to see, and prove to us a stop in Brazil belongs on the Dream Tour.—Ryan Brower

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