GLOBE | Behind Empire Lines
10:05 am May 4, 2010

GLOBE | Behind Empire Lines

It took me about an hour longer then I got told it would. Getting to the Globe offices that is. It’s located in El Segundo, pretty much LA but not really – google maps will show you… Once there you will notice a building comprised of two levels staring at you with a large GLOBE logo on the outside, kinda bugs me I couldn’t find the joint any easier. Navigation isn’t my strong point…

Into the offices and you will be welcomed by a lovely lady at the front desk who will give you a ‘visitor’ badge and get you to leave your details – an obvious trick to get my number for use later on I thought, until my phone didn’t ring for the next three days…

The offices were nice. Not messy, but not tidy. Color lit up the walls and where the was no color there was decks lining the walls or large posters of campaigns gone by. Downstairs has a lunch room with tables that are circular, which gave the area a geometric feel, deliberate? I doubt it.

Upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs and you will get to visit the room the skate team created themselves. Old comfy couches, a wall feature of framed photos and tech deck skate pool are the main things seen. Downstairs is where it all happens – it being eating, talking, skating, working. There is a pretty cool halfpipe out the back in the warehouse. You have to sign a wavier before you can skate, covers them against liability.

Toilet? It was ok, There was some stickers on the disabled arm bar, a few mags on the floor and a rather fruity smell. But other then that, nothing over the top.

And we got a got a good look at the upcoming ranges – both footwear and apparel. This was the highlight. You will be pretty excited when you see the new range/s start to drop. Plenty of good stuff coming out. Fair to say Dion has had a voice in the direction along with the design team….

Enjoy some more photos over at the Flickr Page.

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