12:48 pm May 17, 2010

By Chelsea Rauhut
Aussie Mitch Coleborn became $10,000 richer on Saturday at 54th Street in Newport Beach. Going mental with a big frontside aerial and getting some serious elevation for his last score, he wrapped up the heat with a 15.60 and took home a Yamaha ski and a Wildcard spot in the Pipeline Pro.

It was hard for the finalists to pick out a good section among the south-swell walls, but, “We actually had waves for the event, so that was pretty good,” said Coleborn. “It was a bit windy and kinda junky in the final, but at least there were waves today.”

Rookie Pro-Am competitor Nat Young opened up the heat with the highest score, going vertical on his backhand, and finished third behind Heitor Pereira, the Brazilian underdog. Rounding out the final was Cody Thompson in fourth place.

The weather was ideal for the Crustaceous Oaks Summer Camp Championships, a fun-filled day of air reverses across the board, wheel-barrow races, pine cones, squirrels, and campers going all-out to get their hands on a grip of s’mores and camping prizes.

Albee Layer said, “I love the contest vibe. I usually hate contests, but everyone seems to not hold back as much.” He was even more stoked to walk away with two grand in the Belly Floppers (air) show after blowing up with a huge frontside air reverse in the finals.

Parker Coffin also stood out in the heat, pulling a huge alley oop, and earning himself second place.

Grom winner Colin Moran tucks into some south swell Newport. PHOTO: Paul Fisher

Koa Smith and Colin Moran battled it out until the end of the Buckaroos final with Colin edging out the pack by solidifying his score and livening up the crowd after going to town on a big air reverse.

Local Moran’s strategies were “just to go out there and have fun,” and win the five grand in hopes of purchasing a new car. And that he did.

The Eager Beavers (juniors) division was another close final. Keanu Asing and Santiago Muniz both opened up the heat with high scores. Defending champion Tanner Hendrickson also put on quite a show with a 13.17 total, but Costa Rican Carlos Munos was on fire all day.

He showed off his phenomenal surfing with committed hacks and a superman-like maneuver that blew the crowd away, finishing with a 13.7 total and taking home seven grand.

“The conditions were really hard. I just surfed and tried to get waves and I got lucky,” said Munos.

Standing victorious in the Skinny Dippers (girls) division was Quincy Davis, as she dominated the heat with a 12.67 total, scoring $4,000. The girls struggled in the midst of a rip and dropping tide, but Sara Taylor was able to rack up an 11.43 and take home a tower of prizes.

Carlos Munoz flying stealth. And solo on his way to victory in the Junior’s division.
Champions: Carlos Munoz (Juniors), Colin Moran (Groms), Mitch Coleborn (Mens Pro Am), Quincy Davis (Girls), Albee Layer (Airshow).
This year’s theme was summer camp, which means you know you’re in for a potato sack race. PHOTO: Paul Fisher

South Swell showed up just in time for the final day of the Volcom Totally Crustaceous World Championships.

Matt McCabe flips for the kickoff to summer in Newport.

Muscle Milk brought girls.
Parker Coffin gets called Pork Chop a lot. PHOTO: Justin Lahr

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