Globe's French Transplant, Antoine Allain, wins the NSSA Western Champs Air Show!!
11:19 am May 26, 2010

GLOBE: Once again, CONGRATS on the NSSA Western Champs Air Show win at Huntington Beach!

AA: Thank you so much. I’m definitely pretty amped.

GLOBE: How were the waves for the final?

AA: Well, from the beach, it actually looked really weird and bumby but after the first couple minutes in the heat, i noticed some of the waves were reforming really nicely right by the pier so i paddled over there and got a couple rampy ones. They were fun.

GLOBE: What was your competition like? Were you nervous at all?

AA: I was definitely pretty nervous considering one of the guys was my best friend (shane orr) who can really punt. i knew if i lost to him he would give me shit. just like i do… then i also had guys like sam orozco and trevor thornton and andrew jacobson who are all really good ariealists. but once i got my 6.0 in the first 5 minutes i felt confident and just had some fun.

GLOBE: What did you throw down to win the final?

AA: I got a low 6 in the first 5 minutes with an indy air that i landed backwards but didn’t reverse all the way around. then got three 5′s with some smaller air reverses, and in the dying minutes went for a big 360 air and luckily pulled it off and got a high 7.

GLOBE: Was this the biggest air show you’ve ever won?

AA: I’ve only done two. I did one at one of the explorers this year at c-street and won it. And this one at westerns which is definitely my best one.

GLOBE: How did your Explorer Men’s final go?

AA:I had a really hard time. i was told to sit by the pier but the waves changed and i should have gone more towards the south peak. I got a good wave at the end and fell. I got out of the water and told myself i had to do well in airshow.

GLOBE: What’s next for you? Do you have any trips planned for the summer?

AA: Im going to France tomorrow for a surf trip with a filmer and also to see my family since i was born and raised their. I come back straight into Nationals. My album will also be out in a month which im super amped on.


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