11:38 pm Aug 26, 2010

For this current Look Book we decided to shoot it a local skate spot one of the guys in house built known as the ‘Spot’. It’s located in LA, behind a hedge row of bushes off a side street. If you drove past it, you would never know this skate spot existed. The Spot was built by hand, just our sales guy and a few of his buddies and lots of beers. No machines or heavy equipment… just shovels, cement and anything he could find to make transitions, a pocket with pool coping, a spine and a pole jam. It’s a real do it yourself skate spot.

When we first saw it we knew this is where we wanted to shoot the Look Book. We gathered the team, put them in the van, fired up the bar-b-q and let the magic happen. Everyone was stoked, the skating was raw, the vibe was real and we captured exactly what you see in the current Look Book. Enjoy………

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