10:00 pm Sep 23, 2010

Show Up & Blow Up Session 3

For the end of February we decided to have this SHOW UP AND BLOW UP in our own backyard–Venice Beach, California. We got things rolling at ZJ’s Boardinghouse in Santa Monica, just to say what’s up to Noah and the ZJ’s crew. This installment of SHOW UP AND BLOW UP had Globe Pro Ryan Decenzo and Louie Lopez representing Globe.

After Ryan and Louie rolled up to ZJ’s they took it to the Venice Park. It was a glorious day and all the locals were out ripping the bowls, rails, steps and snake run. Decenzo and Louie were holding it down and everyone had a great time. After the session Louie and Ryan handed out Globe bags filled with the goods.

You might want to make it to the next SHOW UP AND BLOW UP to see for yourself what are in those Globe bags.

Thanks to ZJ’s and all the skaters that came out to Venice to rip with the Globe team.
Show Up & Blow Up Session 2

What better way to kick off December than shredding a mini ramp, eating some pizza, handing out Globe goodie bags and hanging out with the local kids? Well, that’s what went down during our second “Show up and Blow up” stop at Pharmacy in beautiful Lancaster, California. Louie Lopez showed up and ripped the mini ramp in the shop to shreds. There were about 50 kids watching and about 10 homies ripping with Louie as he proved why he is on the Globe AM Team. So Cal sales rep Pat Lawlor also got in on the heated session and took some runs. Special thanks go out to Jeremy Jorgenson, Nathan Morris and Nate Dog of Pharmacy for letting us “Show up and Blow up” and Thrasher Magazine for providing T-shirts and DVDs to hand out to the hyped kids.
Show Up & Blow Up Session 1

What better way to spend a thursday afternoon than shredding a sick little mini, grubbing some pizza, tossing out globe goodies, and hanging with the kids that feed us? This is exactly what went down at our first “show up & blow up” stop at Sunken City skateshop in San Pedro, CA. The little champ, Louie Lopez, showed up and seriously blew up the in store mini-ramp as 50 kids sat watching and wishing they could someday shred like him. Louie is a little ripper! Thank you, Brandon and Rickey at Sunken City, for letting us show up & blow up!

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