6:12 pm Nov 9, 2010

We invited Matt Capel, one of our riders based out of the uK, to come film with us while we were in France, but he had already made plans. While scored amazing waves in France, he found his own caves to explore…

“Cheers for the email. that right looked mental spewing i missed that (France)! not all bad though scored a cover from that session i show’d you from home when u were in france. attached.

Just got back from an epic trip to indo where i scored massive lakeys/periscopes, east timor and fun keramas. I Was filming the whole time for RUSTY so will let you know as soon as the footage comes out. I also scored some nice shots.

Im heading out to oz in december then hopefully hawaii in feb/march then bali for the international RUSTY team trip in april before returning to the UK in may. Im hoping to head out to california next year as i haven’t been yet.” – matt

Matt has been a busy boy over the past 18 months with 4 covers in total. A kid not yet on the U.S. radar, but heading the right direction. It will be exciting to see how it all unfolds…

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