12:01 pm May 6, 2011

After a long flight we arrived in Brazil to kick off the David Gonzalez Six Pack Attack Tour. Marco Cruz from Globe Brazil and Lucas Xapparel met us in the Sao Paulo Airport. We boarded another flight to Florianopolis, the Hawaii of Brazil. After a short flight, we made our way to Hiadventure. Hiadventure is a hotel located down the street from one of the best beaches in Brazil, that also has an incredible bowl built in the center of the compound. Here we met up with the rest of the Globe Brazil crew Felipe Ortiz and Guilherme Trankinas. The past couple of days it rained so there were many impromptu jam sessions going on since it seems that everyone in Brazil can play either guitar, drums or sing. There was a 12 year kid staying here with his parents that happened to rip Slayer, Sepultura and Metallica on guitar. He and David would jam and before you knew it, drums were beating  and the jam sessioned kicked off for hours. With the Brazilian style Bar B Q raging in full effect, Floripa has truly been an incredible first stop for the Six Pack Attack Tour. Sunday it cleared up enough to skate and the demo was on.

 The demo was good and all the people that came out to see David and the Globe Brazil team were stoked. The best trick contest went down on the pyramid and the mini ramp. Locals were repping and the guys that threw it down were awarded with a free shoe voucher. Next up was the demo, David G and crew ripped the park, the crowd sounded like a Brazilian football match with all the cheers that were getting thrown out. Product was tossed out and the demo finished with a signing. Everyone walked away with a signed poster from all the guys. Thanks to everyone that came out to the Pista Da Trindade Park. Special thanks go out to for showing us an incredible time with amazing hospitality, Rafa, Kaile and family ,Rogerio of Globe Brazil,Rodolfo and Wagner Ramos and family ,Pedro Barros and  Carlos De Andrade.  Thank you Florianopolis!  RTMF!!!  Next stop is Porto Alegre,stay tuned for more updates!!!

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