10:42 am May 9, 2011

Today started off with a flight to Porto Alegre where we immediately drove 2 hours in to the mountains after arrival. The destination was Caxia where Hip hosted a mini ramp jam and a signing. Hip is a tight shop with a strong local following, their stock just went up when they installed there latest Globe window display… The location of the shop does not see many touring skaters rolling through, so David’s visit spreads the message to the farthest reaches of The Six Pack Attack Tour. Pictures were snapped, Posters were signed, babies with tattoos posed for pics with David, literally an 8 year old with a tat was in the mix.

 After the signing we charged off to the local radio station that was back in Porto Alegre. The radio station was called Pop Rock and the segment was Skate Player . David and the Globe Brazil Team answered questions from the DJ and callers were hyped to talk to be able to talk to each of them. The guys handled the business. Hitting the streets of Luan Oliveira’s home town tomorrow. More updates on the way!

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