2:32 pm May 12, 2011

Today was the Six Pack Attack demo held at the skate plaza in Porto Alegre. The place was off the hook, packed with people waiting to see David G and the Globe Brazil team. This was during a school day so you know the locals have a love for skating and want to see some action go down at their local plaza. The demo started off with a best trick for the locals, then the demo kicked off. All the dudes stepped up and business was definitely handled. David Gonzalez was mobbed everywhere he went, it was bananas. Next up was the signing; this is where things went next level. After about 20 minutes, the mob went mental and started rushing the guys where they were signing. The plan was put in place to get the guys out to a waiting car. As the crew made there way the mob followed and they chased the car down the street.

After getting out we made the call to go and skate the perfect bowl at Banks from the previous day. This also was the place the Heathen Six Pack Attack party was being held. When we arrived we had it to our selves, a solid 2-hour sesh before anyone else arrived. The people started arriving and the party was under way. The beer was flowing and the sandwiches were devoured. The bowl sesh went ballistic when everyone skating starting feeding off each other and the crowd. The energy was off the hook.

The guys were scheduled to do a local radio show at 10:00 so we left the party and made our way through the streets of Porto Alegre to get on the air on time. We arrived at the station and the guys went right in the studio. After the interview was over it was pretty late, so we just decided to get dinner and call it a night.

Next stop, Curitiba!! The Six Pack Attack Tour continues…


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