12:08 pm May 26, 2011

Today we flew from Porto Alegre to Curitiba. After an early start and an hour flight we landed. Headed to the hotel dropped the bags off and explored our surroundings. We found a little spot for lunch, it was a buffet of foreign food. Any new place I travel to I always eat the local food. Its one of the ways to really get a feel of a new place. The food was delicious and after lunch we made our way back in to the streets, destination was the Drop Dead skatepark.

 We checked out where the demo was going to be the next day and after hanging with the guy who runs the park we rolled back to the hotel. Went to the local mall that used to be a train station, pretty sick looking inside. Had some dinner and called it a night. Tomorrow we are hitting some local spots and doing the demo in the afternoon. Check back for more updates Six Pack Attack Tour is in full flex mode….

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