12:02 am May 26, 2011

Skateboarding performance traces its earliest advances back to surfers who wanted to carve when the waves were flat, and as a result, many of the world’s greatest surfers helped shape and influence Skateboarding.

For these Legends of Surfing and Skateboarding, we have created a special collection called THE SULTANS OF SURF, which features, in a complete old school cruiserboard set-up, the distinct shape of the surfboard that each of these legends rode back in the day. The Sultans of Surf are Peter “PT” Townend (1976 ASP World Champ), Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew (1978 ASP World Champ), and Martin “Pottz” Potter (1989 ASP World Champ), and we are proud to bring you a limited series of these uniquely shaped boards complete with bennett trucks.

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