12:33 pm Jun 3, 2011

The day started off early with the crew meeting in the lobby of the hotel. We headed over to a local park, where everyone was ripping a spot that was made in the 70’s. David Gonzalez found the line and was blasting off a massive bump, can’t show any photos from the session. Next we hit up another spot with a busted kink rail. Cant show what went down there but you will see it soon. David has been going off on this tour and you will see the coverage soon. Newspaper interviews, magazine interviews, radio interviews, making friends and new fans. Just bringing the vibe to a nation of vibe. Brazil has a love of skateboarding that is pure passion. This country gets it and you can feel it on the streets.

 After a full day of shredding Curitiba, we headed for the demo at Drop Dead Skatepark. The park was packed with people waiting for The Six Pack Attack Tour to drop the bomb of next level heat on them. That’s exactly what they got, full throttle ripping. The crew from Globe Brazil have been representing this whole tour, charging the spots and killing the demos’ with David G. This was the last stop on the tour and the home town of most of the Globe Brazil guys. Everyone stepped up and the crowd was insane.

 After the demo there was an autograph signing that went on for hours, everyone in the park walked away with a signed poster, t shirt, board or what ever they had at the time. Everyone in Brazil will be talking about the Six Pack Attack Tour for years to come. Special thanks go out to Rudney From Big Brands/Globe Brazil for making this tour happen. Marco Cruz for organizing, setting up and announcing the tour, all the Globe Brazil guys Lucas, Felipe, Guillerme, and Luis. Pablo Vaz and Vagner for documenting and everyone else involved for making this happen.

 Obrigada Brazil!

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