Day -2 Valhalla Tour, Zumiez Skate Park!
3:04 pm Jul 6, 2011

After rounding up the crew, we headed over for lunch, in our last day in Brussels. After lunch we piled in the vans and headed to the Zumiez Skate Park. Right out of the van, straight in to a full throttle demo. Rodney was getting mobbed from all angles, and the crew was killing it on the course. By far, Belgium has never seen anything like this,the dudes destroyed the park. Everyone that was there will never forget the destruction that went down! The place was packed and from all the cheers and screams, it was obvious the crowd was hyped! When the demo was finally over, the signing started. After hours of signing, everyone split up, Rodney was connecting with fans, Haslam and Luan were skating flat ground with the locals, everyone else were mingling and the vibe was positive. Thank you Belgium for showing us a great time. …..Next stop Amsterdam! Get ready cuz its going down!

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