Journey To Valhalla – Day 3 . . . AMSTERDAM
6:30 am Jul 7, 2011

We rolled in to a cool and rainy city, but when the crew rolled up to The Skate Park of Amsterdam, the scene got hot real quick. The place was packed! The park has never seen a crowd like this before. There were literally people everywhere! Every time some one stopped skating they would get mobbed. The scene was next level. Amsterdam came out and represented to the fullest! Special thanks go out the Sam and Maarrten for being on point and taking care of us the entire time we were together, Michel also deserves a special thanks for having us. Next stop is Berlin. Journey to Valhalla is gong down as the heaviest tour to ever hit Europe! Thanks to everyone that came out and showed us love like we have never felt! See you all at Bright!!!

Journey To Valhalla Amsterdam

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