Globe Skateboarding X Angela Boatwright

Angela Boatwright is known for capturing raw images of iconic skaters through her love of film photography. It was only natural for Globe and Angela to come together on a special photo project featuring Mark Appleyard, David Gonzalez, Ryan Decenzo and Louie Barletta. The shoot took place in a tucked away backyard bowl, eventually spilling out into the streets and back allies of historic Huntington Beach, California.

“I’ve been around skateboarders all my life.  Growing up in Ohio and then living half my life in NYC, it was an honor as a new resident of the west coast to photograph some of the best guys in the business for Globe.  Huge thanks to Mark, David, Ryan and Louie for being super friendly and incredibly easy to photograph.  And extra huge thanks to Globe for allowing me to shoot film!!!”

-Angela Boatwright