I decided to focus the collection on everything that got me hyped about skateboarding when I was young: thrash metal, punk rock, 80’s skate flicks, and beer. My hometown in rural Texas had zero skateshops and fewer skaters. Even scoring a copy of THRASHER was kinda hard. So while the rest of the world was tits-deep in the baggy pants/ little wheels thing, I was going off of animal chin, thrashin’, and gleaming the cube to get myself hyped to skate each day. I was trying to learn ho-hos by myself in the driveway in like ’93! Around the same time I discovered slayer and started drawing skulls, rats, eyeballs, and all manner of gnarly shit on my griptape. Beer came shortly after.

This group of product pays homage to all the unfortunate stuff that seeped into my tender young noggin’ and continues to influence my artwork today.

-Sterling Bartlett