Strange Rumblings

The ancients called it ‘Thule;’ the Vikings knew it as a remote land of fire and ice. It’s a freezing, craggy island set in the forbidding North Atlantic; choked by glaciers, and tormented by driving winds and pounding waves – the last place on earth you want to surf… unless you happen to be shooting Globe’s new movie STRANGE RUMBLINGS.


Directed by Joe G and featuring Dion Agius, Nate Tyler, Damien Hobgood, CJ Hobgood, Taj Burrow, Yadin Nicol, and Globe’s newest addition to the gang, Brendon Gibbens.  The film reunites the award winning team that produced movie of the year, YEAR ZERO and short film of the year, ELECTRIC BLUE HEAVEN.


STRANGE RUMBLINGS will take you on a surfing adventure unlike any you’ve ever seen. The first stop on the journey, which unfolds this month in the pages of SURFING MAGAZINE features the GLOBE team on a nomadic journey, living in remote sod-covered lodges, dining on whale meat, crossing icy lakes and descending treacherous cliffs under illuminated skies in search of the challenge of a lifetime: to surf Iceland – in winter.


The Iceland expedition marks the first days of what will be a 12-month motion picture and photographic journey, shot on location in the far reaches of the world.  Stories and images from the film will be shared with SURFING MAGAZINE readers.  We’re headed to the ends of the earth on the hunt for perfect waves in stunning locales, and a raw perspective on modern surfing.


Filmed in brilliant super 16mm film, this is a visual feast in the making, featuring some of the world’s most talented surfers.

Look for our coming features in SURFING MAGAZINE to learn the full story and experience some of the most unique and difficult surfing conditions that Mother Nature can dish out.


Globe’s STRANGE RUMBLINGS is produced in partnership with Monster Energy.


For more imagery from the trip visit Surfing Magazine



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